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    Joomla 3.9.23 / php 7.4.10
    EasyFolderlistingPro 1.1

    In EasyFolderListingPro I can preview (or rather) stream videofiles of type mp4 and MOV if i rename them filetype mp3 (!) Is there something I can do to stream videofiles of type mp4 and mov without renaming.I would also like to be able to stream mkv-files.

    In EasyFolderListing (not Pro) i can preview (or rather) stream video files of type MOV as long as i rename them to mp4 (which should of course be unnecessary).It cannot stream mkv-files (it streams the audio from mkv if i rename the file på mp4).

    Michael Gilkes

    @sjuro54. Thanks for posting your question.

    I don’t think I ever tried what you are asking. MP3 files are audio, while MP4 and MOV files are video. I don’t think you can just rename a video file to an audio file, and get it streaming. Or at least, I never thought of trying that.

    Easy Folder Listing module works by providing a directly link to the file’s location, and so when you click on it, it invokes the browser’s default action for that file type. Maybe your browser is steup to play video from a direct link.

    Easy Folder Listing Pro (EFLP) works by you accessing the file through a script, forcing download.

    I didn’t design EFLP to stream video. The preview option has mainly been there to view text-based files (pdf, word file, etc.).


    As I said, it streams both mp4 and mov video files if I rename them to .mp3
    I of course know the difference between audio and video formats, but I hoped you would use a standard media rendering plugin that supports both mp3 audio and mp4 video formats – and you do. The program only opens the player when it has a file with file type mp3 – it does not check if the file actually has the mp3-format, it just plays what it gets. If I rename an mkv video to mp3, it tries to play it, but fails.
    THe ability to stream mp4 and mov videos adds significant value to Easy Folder Listing Pro, so I suggest you add it to the feature list. (Wouldn’t hurt if you opened for firing up the player for the correct file types, but I can live with it as it is today. I don’t expect you to support mkv files, since that would need a differnt player)


    You should at least try the streaming. (Preview target – icon, File Preview Engine – Native.
    rename an mp4 or mov file to .mp3 and try the magnifying glass icon. Works beautifully. (I dont’t mind people watching my private videos, so streaming is ok. Downloading is another matter, so I I have set Downoad Target – none)


    FORGET IT 🙁 After upgrade from 3.3.3. it does not work anymore.

    Michael Gilkes

    @sjuro54. Thanks for explaining what you are experiencing.

    OK, I have to say that between 3.3.3 and 3.3.6, there is no change to how links to files are handled, whether for download or preview. I think it has been a while since I made any changes to that. So, whatever you were doing in 3.3.3 should work in 3.3.6. I am surprised you would say that what you were doing does not work any more.

    As for streaming, or playing video and audio files, I could definitely try to add it in future releases. Most of what Easy Folder Listing Pro has become came about as a result of customer requests and suggestions.

    In terms of what you said about changing mp4 and mov to mp3 for playback. Easy Folder Listing Pro does not render any media really. It is your browser that renders it, based on the file type. As I think about it more is that what may be happening with you changing extensions is due to what I have allowed the native previewer to preview. Currently, the native previewer allows previewing (technically, I guess it could be called ‘streaming’ or ‘viewing/playing’) of files with the following extension: pdf,gif,png,jpeg,jpg,bmp,mp3. Basically, the native previewer allows your browser to handle those file extensions.

    If you a familiar with editing code, I could tell you where and what to edit to add mp4 and mov. If you are interested, let me know. If it works out the way you need, I will add it to the next release and maybe try to improve it.


    Thanx for the speedy comeback.
    I don’t understand what has happend. Streaming video (mpg, mp4 and mov worked, mkv and avi not) worked yesterday after faking filetype. Today i doesn’t work. (I call it streaming, since it does not have to download to lay, but starts playing immediately and even lets me jump anywhere in the video without pausing). I’ve worked as a programmer for 30 years on almost all plattforms in widespread use, so I’m confused about what has happend here.
    SO – I suggest we forget this.
    HOWEVER : It would be great if you would add video preview/stream functionality to the plugin.
    Streaming mp4 works fine on the free plugin (Easy Folder Listing) – why not copy some code?

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