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Actually this was easy to figure out, awesome coding by the way I absolutely love it with coders comment all there functions.

in helper.php around line 283

$path = ‘images’.’/’.$params->get(‘efl_parent’);

Change to

//$path = ‘images’.’/’.$params->get(‘efl_parent’);

// Per user folder listing

$user =& JFactory::getUser();

$path = ‘users’.’/’. $user->username;

in mod_easyfolderlisting.xml around line 29

delete the following (note this is optional but makes it clean)

<field name=”efl_parent” type=”folderlist” default=”stories” label=”Choose the Parent Folder” directory=”images” description=”This is the parent folder where the files are stored.” hide_none=”true” hide_default=”true” />

<field name=”efl_folder” type=”text” default=”” label=”Location within the Parent Folder” description=”This is the actual folder, within the parent folder (above), where the files are kept. Leave blank to show the contents of the parent folder.” />