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Hello I am having this same problem. I purchased the Easy Flash Uploader and installed. I cannot find the module under my modules(which is fine), but I checked under plugins and it is there. I then updated my information needed. I posted {easyflashuploader} where I wanted the button. I refreshed the page and all that shows up is:File Upload-which is the title & Cancel All Uploads. I then searched the support and this is the only article I see that fits my problem.

Here is the information at the bottom of the plugin manager:

PHP Version: 5.3.8.


finfo_open is callable.

finfo_file is callable.

finfo_close is callable.

mime_content_type is callable.

This is a NON-Windows OS: Linux.

escapeshellarg is callable.

exec doesn’t exist.

shell_exec doesn’t exist.

Please let me know if you need any more information.