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Michael Gilkes

@trogladyte. Thanks for replying. I appreciate you providing the link to the example of the problem.

From examining the page source, I have to conclude that someone has edited the module code to attempt to specify, target=”_blank”, and in that attempt has caused the error that you are experiencing. So, if you, personally, did not edit it, someone else did. Out of the box, the module does not exhibit this behavior and your generated code proves it. When I looked at the page source, this is what I see:

As you can see from the code above, taken from your website, someone attempted to add a target, and in doing so, changed the way the double quotes are placed, and thus created your problem.

Now, for the record, I actually encourage persons to customize their copy of my code. However, if you do customize it, and you need help, you have to let others know what you have done with the code. It really isn’t fair to suggest that the code, as given, produces an error, when it was edited after installation.

If you wanted the links to open in a new window, you could have found that solution at this topic. The edited code was contributed by forum member and module user, jondiego. using that code will fix your problem.

Hope this helps.