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Michael Gilkes

@IvanPletnev. Thanks for posting. However, I find that your statement, “5 bucks to nowere and for nothing!!!!!“, to be very insulting, and I do not appreciate it. I am more than happy to assist you in any issue you are having, but it really isn’t fair to make such as insulting statement to me about the software. In your first post, you stated clearly that “Easy Flash Uploader is working correct.” In your second post, you claim that the javascript on your site doesn’t work because of my plugin. However, you have yet to post or email a link to your website for me to even attempt to assist you. Usually, persons who ask for assistance provide me with a link to their webpage, their Joomla version and other information (such as the shortcode they used in the article) so that I can assist them.

If I need to access the person’s admin backend to fix, I usually do this… and all for “5 bucks“. I do not charge anything for support or configuration. The javascript used in the plugin doesn’t interfere with other scripts. If it does on your site, then please show me a link to the page with the uploader so that I can look at the console and see the exact error. Did you look at the browser console? What javascript error did it list?

I use my plugin on my own sites, and many others have used it. There is documentation on how to use the plugin on the Valor Apps site.

The plugin does not need to be added to a module. It is used directly in an article. The message that you stated in your first post often occurs due to a Flash configuration issue that is usually only temporary.

If you still need assistance, I will still help you. Please let me know, but please provide a link to the webpage with the uploader. You can email the link if you prefer not to place it in a forum post.