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Hi Michael

Thanks for your reply and sorry if I haven’t made myself clear. I don’t want to be tedious but here are the details of what I have tried and my specific questions:

I have:

– installed your easy folder listing .zip without any problems into joomla 1.6.3

– enabled the component (view: Extensions>Extension Manager>Manage)

– created a menu item and a corresponding single article where I would like to use the easy folder listing

– ensured that the easy folder listing module has the appropriate menu assignment to the appropriate menu item (it doesn’t matter if I use “all” or just the right one)

Now for my difficulties:

– first problem: it doesn’t matter if I publish or unpublish the easy folder listing module, I can not get it to display by placing {loadposition x_list} in the article syntax. Ironically, the only thing which is displayed is the text “{loadposition x_list}”. Needless to say, I have tried both using fictive names as “trial” as well as real positions such as “user2” instead of “x_list”.

– second problem: when I publish the easy folder listing module, it displays appropriately, but the activating tag “{loadposition x_list}” is displayed separately on the same page as text. If I remove “{loadposition x_list}” from the article and merely replace it with a “.” (in order to have something in the article; otherwise joomla complains when I try to save the article), then easy folder listing still displays, but now only with the text “.” below it. Hence, I deduce that the activating tag has no effect.

– third problem: when I specify a directory with files, the files are listed in a table. However, when I specify a directory, which contains several other directories with files, the only thing shown by easy folder listing is an empty table

I am surely somehow committing beginners errors, but would be grateful for your help to figure out what I am doing wrong.