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    I am not sure if I am making a beginners mistake but I am having problem getting the desired result by following your instructions on the webpage http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/directory-a-documentation/downloads/12249 ,indicating that :

    “To use this module as content in an article, first ensure than the loadmodule plugin (Content – Load Module) is Enabled. Second, give an arbitrary Position to the Easy Folder Listing module, such as ‘x_list’, and configure the parameters. Thirdly, in the article, type ‘{loadposition x_list}’. Please ensure that the Menu Assignment is set to ‘All’ or to the specific article that it is to be displayed in. To control which types of users have access to this module, set the Access Level in the module.”

    I have no problem installing your plugin in joomla 1.6, enabling it, setting the parameters in the module, but am still not sure if I am using it correctly, since in joomla 1.5 the same table (in the position left) covered the whole page width (which is what I wanted) and now it only takes up the column with position left.

    How can get the table to span the columns of the page? It seems as if I have to invoke the use by writing {loadposition x_list} in the article.

    What is the correct usage in joomla 1.6?

    Michael Gilkes

    @alpinemartin. Ok. I am not sure I understand exactly what problems you are having. If you follow the instructions as is, you should get the table to span the page just fine. All you need to do is create a fictious position in the module’s Position setting. It can be anything. Just make it up. I just used ‘x_list’ as an example. Then in the article, you type {loadposition x_list} and that’s it.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


    Hi Michael

    Thanks for your reply and sorry if I haven’t made myself clear. I don’t want to be tedious but here are the details of what I have tried and my specific questions:

    I have:

    – installed your easy folder listing .zip without any problems into joomla 1.6.3

    – enabled the component (view: Extensions>Extension Manager>Manage)

    – created a menu item and a corresponding single article where I would like to use the easy folder listing

    – ensured that the easy folder listing module has the appropriate menu assignment to the appropriate menu item (it doesn’t matter if I use “all” or just the right one)

    Now for my difficulties:

    – first problem: it doesn’t matter if I publish or unpublish the easy folder listing module, I can not get it to display by placing {loadposition x_list} in the article syntax. Ironically, the only thing which is displayed is the text “{loadposition x_list}”. Needless to say, I have tried both using fictive names as “trial” as well as real positions such as “user2” instead of “x_list”.

    – second problem: when I publish the easy folder listing module, it displays appropriately, but the activating tag “{loadposition x_list}” is displayed separately on the same page as text. If I remove “{loadposition x_list}” from the article and merely replace it with a “.” (in order to have something in the article; otherwise joomla complains when I try to save the article), then easy folder listing still displays, but now only with the text “.” below it. Hence, I deduce that the activating tag has no effect.

    – third problem: when I specify a directory with files, the files are listed in a table. However, when I specify a directory, which contains several other directories with files, the only thing shown by easy folder listing is an empty table

    I am surely somehow committing beginners errors, but would be grateful for your help to figure out what I am doing wrong.

    Michael Gilkes

    @alpinemartin. Let me see if I can help you out from what you explain.

    1. ok. From the description of your first problem, you may need to check to see of the loadposition plugin is enabled. Go to the Plugin Manager and look for “Content – Load Modules” plugin. Make sure it is enabled.

    2. Don’t quite understand what your second problem is. I suspect that my first answer will solve this problem too.

    3. Yes. The module only displays top level files in a folder. It does not display sub-folders or their contents. If you want that functionality, you have to get the Easy Folder Listing Pro plugin.

    Hope this helps.


    @michael. Thanks for taking the time to read my questions and for your reply, but it unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem of displaying the table according to your instructions. Your plugin doesn’t “behave that way” on my system.

    1. I have gone to the Plugin Manager and looked for “Content – Load Modules” plugin. It isn’t visible in the list (I checked the 2 pages and did a search within the list of Plug-in Manager for both “content” and “load module”). However, when going to Extensions, Manage I can see “Easy Folder Listing” in the list and it is enabled. I have then followed your instructions to go to the Module mod_easyfolderlisting, to set its position to an arbitrary one and to set its parameters. When I do this and include the call {loadposition arbitraryposition} in the article where it should be shown, only the text “{loadposition arbitraryposition}” shows up in the article, not the table.

    2. However, if I do not use an arbitrary position, but rather use user2, then both the directory listing and the text {loadposition user2} show up in the article. Hence, I deduce that the text {loadposition user2} is not interpreted as a call, but as simple text string. The reason the module works in my case must be that the Module is published and specified for the article in question and therefore shows up regardless of which text I put in the article.

    I would very much appreciate your thoughts and hints as to why it doesn’t work as you describe on my system and suggestions for what to do, so that I can use it with your suggested syntax. I am running joomla 1.6.3 and have uninstalled and reinstalled your plugin. Uninstall as well as Reinstall is successful.

    3. Thanks for the explanation regarding the functionality of showing subfolders only being availabe in the pro version.

    Best regards, Martin

    Michael Gilkes

    @alpinemartin. Ok. First off, let’s not get confused about which extension you are using. You are using the module, Easy Folder Listing. Joomla modules do not display in articles at all. Joomla plugins do. So, since you are new to Joomla this is something you need to understand. Modules, whether it is my modules or anyone elses, are places at a specified position on the page, which is not inside of an article.

    However, Joomla 1.6 or 1.5, comes with a content plugin called “Load Modules”, which allows you to load a module at a specific position into the contents of any article simply by specifying {loadposition someposition}.

    The “Load Modules” plugin comes with Joomla. So, I don’t understand why you don’t see it. It’s part of the Joomla installation. It is not something I made.

    The problem you are having has nothing to do with my module. As you have said, the module shows if you assign it to an existing position. This is how modules are supposed to work in Joomla. To solve your problem you need to enable the Load Modules plugin. Once you do that, {loadposition someposition} will work.


    Michael, many thanks for your clarifications and for you patience with a joomla newcomer! Once I understood that my Joomla 1.6.3 installation for some reason was missing the load module plugin (which comes with Joomla), then I was able to install this through php and now your syntax works just fine! Indeed not a problem with your module!

    Many thanks again for your help and patience!


    P.S. What do you think about my improvement suggestion (in your forum, suggestion to Easy Folder Listing)?

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