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    Dear Michael, I’am searching for an component that I want to use for documents (that the user has uploaded) related to that registrated user. Other users may not see this documents or approach this map. Also other registrated users should have an directory map for the same purpose. Is it possible that the maps in the directories are fixed to an user? I want to set these directorymaps to an existing user on my site. Also the user should upload some of his/her files an then give some coaches acces to this folder (set by the administrator). Is this possible in Easy Folder Listing Pro? Thanks for your reaction. Greetings, Marcel van Keulen (the Netherlands)

    Michael Gilkes

    @supermarcel. Thanks for posting.

    Ok. Easy Folder Listing Pro (EFLP) has the capability to show files in that are unique to a user. How is works is that you point the listing to a folder, and in that folder will have subfolders of the usernames relating to each user. And you may also specify a subfolder for guest users.

    I also offer a second product, Easy Flash Uploader, that can upload files to user specific folders. So they can work together.

    The only thing that EFLP can’t do automatically is to give other users access to their files. So, that particular aspect may not be possible. You could have a specific page that only the admin can access that lists everything, tho.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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