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    NOTE: I posted this question on your website within comment section as I couldn’t gain access to this forum.

    There may be a bug when you add more than one Easy Folder Listing Pro plugins {} to the same page.

    If I use folder parameter by itself within one article it works fine. It even works with multiple ones having different main folders.

    However when you link to a subfolder and have multiple plugins {} on an article the subfolder displays default images folder and all contents.

    For example folder=’images’ and folder1=’images/banners’ in the same article will display the very same content. The 2nd item (folder1) will not just display files within banner folder.

    However if you display folder=’images’ and folder1=’layouts’ (Main Folders) the content is different for each plugin display.

    Michael Gilkes

    @ttiemann. Thanks for posting. I am a bit confused. I use multiple instances in a page all the time and they work as expected. Have a look at my demo page.

    There is no such parameter as “folder1”. If you want to do multiple instances you can do something like:

    Oh, please let me know what version of Easy Folder Listing Pro you are using. If it is the latest version (v2.7), please re-download it and re-install it.



    I’m using 2.7 version for Joomla 3 – My understanding of your documentation suggest

    To have multiple uploaders on the same page, just add each instance according to the following format:

    {easyfolderlistingpro parameter1=’value1’|parameter2=’value2’|…|parameterN=’valueN’}

    So I just need to add an “a_” in front of the folder/subfolder to make this work? Is it correct to also say if I want 3 on a page I would use “b_”? Or am I missing your point entirely?

    I will re-download the latest version and reinstall?


    Thank you for the insight. I’m not sure what I was thinking : )

    Basically just use the same syntax {easyfolderlistingpro folder=''} but with different paths.

    After re-downloading and re-installing this now works

    Michael Gilkes

    @ttiemann. Ok. I am glad you figured it out. Maybe I can make the documentation a bit clearer. Please post your suggestions so that I can make it clearer for everyone.

    The only thing I would say is to always use 1 for Yes and 0 for No. So, don’t put subfolders=’Yes’, put subfolders=’1′. Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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