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    Is this able to show which files are recently added or at least recent created and in a list that's not broken out into the directory tree?

    My NAS is a media repository for us here where I live.  I'm at a camp in Afghanistan and when I or others add new files I'd like to show what is new in a module on the site.  I know there are other products like Docman, jdownloads, etc.  But they are all database driven and perhaps that's the only way to really make a recently added files list so it can compare to what was there previously.  I was thinking there was an easy way to read the creation date or modified date of the file so it can get included in a "recently added" list.  

    Cheers and thanks,


    Michael Gilkes

    Hi Buddy,

    Currently, the plugin doesn't really have a feature to show recently added files. Maybe in a later release I can add some time related filters, so that you can specify only files that have been modified within a certain date range (before, and after a certain date). I never thought of that, but it is a good feature to request.

    What I suggest that you do is to post a comment in the Improvement Suggestion topic, explaining how you would want the feature to work. That way, I can easily keep track of it for next release.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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