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    I have just installed Easy File Uploader on a Joomla 3.9.21 system. When I try and configure the module I do not have an entry in the Parent Folder parameter:

    Module parameters

    Can you assist me please?

    Michael Gilkes

    @PeterTheBike. Thanks for posting. I would love to assist you. Could you provide me with the diagnostic information at the bottom of the module parameters list?

    Also, which version of Easy File Uploader did you install?


    Michael, the diagnostic information is:

    PHP Version: 7.3.18.
    FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE is defined.
    finfo_open is callable.
    finfo_file is callable.
    finfo_close is callable.
    mime_content_type is callable.
    This is Windows OS: WINNT.

    and I installed Easy File Uploader 2.9.2.


    @michaelgilkes can I confirm that was the diagnostic information you wanted?

    Michael Gilkes

    @peterthebike. Thanks for following up. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I had a crazy week.

    Yes. That is the info I requested. Ok. So, I tested the module on my Windows Test server, but it works fine for me. I tested it on PHP versions 7.3.7 and 7.4.1, and didn’t encounter what you are experiencing.

    How about your PHP error logs? Is there an error or warning or anything logged when you go into the module settings page? If so, please post it here so that I can see what is going on. If I can’t replicate the errors on my systems then it becomes more difficult to diagnose what you are experiencing. Hopefully there will be something in your error logs.

    Oh, by the way, did you or anyone make any custom changes to the extension?


    @michaelgilkes our hosting service doesn’t have a specific PHP error log. Only a general error file. There is nothing showing there. The only thing I could find is from Joomla debug but I’m afraid I’ve no idea if it relates to our problem:Fields: datetime priority clientip category message
    2020-09-28T09:59:24+00:00 INFO controller Holding edit ID com_modules.edit.module.176 Array ( [0] => 176 )
    2020-09-28T09:59:25+00:00 INFO controller Checking edit ID com_modules.edit.module.176: 1 Array ( [0] => 176 )
    2020-09-28T09:59:34+00:00 INFO controller Releasing edit ID com_modules.edit.module.176 Array ( )

    No custom changes were made to the extension.

    Just to say my depth of knowledge is limited. Sorry!

    Michael Gilkes

    @peterthebike. Thanks for posting. What you posted from the error logs aren’t applicable to our situation.

    Ok. I can’t think of any reason why the dropdown would be greyed out like that. It should at least list the images folder. The ‘images’ folder is specified as the default. Maybe you should create a custom folder, with read, write and execute permissions, in the Joomla root, and see if it shows.

    Another possibility could be that the select element could be disabled in your admin template for some reason, which should not be the case normally.


    @michaelgilkes I have been looking at other modules diagnosis and found errors can be seen in the browser console. The following came up when I tried to open the module parameters for Easy File Uploader.

    Error message

    Don’t know if that is any help to you.

    Michael Gilkes

    @PeterTheBike. As you can see from that notice, it comes from the core.js file, which is the Joomla core javascript engine. That’s not code that I have written. However, I can also see that notice on my servers, and the dropdown works for me.

    The most I can do is check it out directly on your site. If you want to do that, you can email me a temporary administrator login, and I will log into your site in the backend and investigate it for you.

    Michael Gilkes

    @PeterTheBike. Thanks for following up via email.

    Ok. I was able to login and install an altered version of Easy File Uploader with some diagnostic code in it.

    From what I could tell, the issue with your site is the file permissions on the folders in the Joomla root. PHP is unable to read the folders in the Joomla root. I know this because “opendir” PHP function failed when executed. Joomla relies on this function to get the list of folders to supply to my extension when requested.

    Once you fix the folder permissions on your Joomla installation on Windows, the extension should work as expected.

    I sent your an email explaining this. Please let me know how it works out.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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