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    Michael, after successfully installing Easy Folder Listing, I'm having trouble with the setup. Specifically, I'm not seeing a parameters panel while within Module Manager. I'm not having this issue with other modules. 

    Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing.

    The module seems to be working, as I am seeing a listing of random files from, I guess, the default directory. 

    Same problem with Safari or Firefox. 

    Any ideas? 


    Michael Gilkes

    Hi Realtoast,

    Please let me know what version of the module you are using. Also, please let me know what file you downloaded and installed. If you installed v0.3 (J15) and installed it on Joomla 1.6, then you will see that. If you downloaded the bundle, you must unzip it and then install v0.3 (J16). Maybe you can email me a screenshot of the listing in the Extension Manager -> Manage that shows the version of the module.

    I will need to get some more info from you in order to help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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