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    hi, i’m Raymond and just a newbie joomla user. Currently, i am using joomla 1.7 and i do really need to put something like file uploader in a specific page of my website and for that i searched in the internet until i found your job. i downloaded it and followed every step and procedure but still it was not working with mine. can you help me sir? in addition i just want to know what these term mean


    PHP Version: 5.2.9.

    FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE is NOT defined.

    mime_content_type is callable.

    This is Windows OS: WINNT.


    it was written in the module.

    Michael Gilkes

    @rtumulak. Thanks for posting. Please have a look at the documentation:

    When you use modules, you have to make sure that not only specify the position, but also specify that the modules be shown on either All the pages or the specific page that you want.


    gud day michael tnx for your reply.. now i have a new problem.. can you help on how to fix this problem.. this error occur after i upload a file..

    ERROR: The uploaded file type is not permitted.

    MIME detected by PHP:

    MIME detected by Browser: application/

    does it mean that the file should have their common type of file so it can be detected?

    another question, where are does uploaded file goes? thank you michael, hope you can help me..

    Michael Gilkes

    @rtumulak. I am just about to go to bed, when I checked my mail and saw your post. Your PHP version is 5.2.9, and you are running a windows server. Is your server IIS or Apache? Either way, if your PHP mime_content_type function is not detecting the mime type, then you will have to upgrade your PHP version to at least version 5.3 and enable the fileinfo dll on windows. The minimum requirements for the module is 5.3, but I use workarounds for letting it work on PHP 5.2. However, in your server setup, the workarounds are not applicable.

    I don’t know where your file uploads go. That is managed by your PHP settings and your Server/PHP setup. You should be able to look at your phpinfo to see where the temporary files location is.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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