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    I am using easy file uploader and its great except it has a few issues with my needs. I need a file uploader plug in that will allow the people that are short selling their house to us to upload all their docs to us (tax returns, hardship letter, pay stubs, etc etc). It needs to put their “2010 tax Return” doc into the “2010 tax return” folder that is in their Folder named after themselves. Right now each doc has its own module. (I have a “2010 tax return” module etc) Only Problem is that it causes that error message w all the other modules and also relies on the seller to properly name the document to know which doc it is. It would be nice if the module placed the “2010 tax return” doc in its own folder which is inside the seller’s name folder. That way it doesn’t matter what the seller names his file. Any Ideas? Even if there’s no way to do this, if you can just help me figure out how to get the error messages off that’d be sufficient.

    current setup examples:

    shortsalesellerdocs/Joe Seller/2010taxreturn.pdf

    shortsalesellerdocs/Joe Seller/July Bankstatments Us Bank.pdf

    Ideal file system setup

    shortsalesellerdocs/Joe Seller/2010 tax return/I’m an idiot and didn’t name this file righ.pdf

    shortsalesellerdocs/Joe Seller/Authorization to Release Information/I’m an idiot and didn’t name this file right.doc


    Heres the site in case it would help to see what I’ve done. > sellers > seller document uploads. User admin password: ********

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    [Please do NOT post any passwords on the forum]


    The Main reason I am using multiple modules even though they all go to the same folder is to help people keep up with which doc they are uploading. If there was a way to just have some checklist that could keep up with what all they have uploaded (even if they come back later to finish uploading)that would be ideal.



    Michael Gilkes

    @karufta. Thanks for posting. Just a quick point… please don’t post any login info on the site. I don’t want anyone to use it to compromise your site. Remember that this forum is public. If you want to give me access to the site, send the info in an email to support[at]valorapps[dot]com.

    As for your setup, I will have a look at it later tonight or tomorrow. Just send me a follow-up email. I will get back to you. By the way, do you have PHP programming experience?

    Michael Gilkes

    @karufta. Ok. I went and checked out your site. I believe that I can definitely help you. First off, I don’t know what error messages you are getting. When I tested it I didn’t get any error messages. However, I think what you may be referring to is the fact that you have 4 modules on the same page, and when you upload files with one, all 4 of them display the response message, whether that message is an error or a success notice.

    To fix this, what you need to do is to change the value for “Input File Variable Name” for each module. Currently, you have all of your modules with the same name “fileToUpload“. What you should do is specify a different name for each module. It could be anything. For example, one could have “fileToUpload” and other have “fileToUpload2” and another have “taxUploadFile“, etc.

    Lastly, you also have all the modules pointing to the same folder. Well, why don’t you have this setup instead:

    You can accomplish this, by specifying “2010 tax return” in the “Choose the Upload Folder” in one module, and “Authorization to Release Information” in the “Choose the Upload Folder” in the other module.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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