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    I wanted to use the module on a new page so that the colleagues on the board could import the minutes of their meeting into a specified folder on our homepage, where they would then be visible to the club colleagues using a list function.

    After I have selected a PDF file via the module and would like to upload it, I am simply “linked” to the start page of the homepage. However, the document was not transferred to the folder and no error message appears.

    The folder is a subfolder of images (images > protocols > board). Permitted file type is set to “application/pdf”.

    For testing purposes, I also tried loading directly into the “Image” folder, but unfortunately that didn’t work either.

    My question: Why doesn’t the module upload the documents to the server on our homepage?

    Diagnostic Information
    PHP Version: 8.1.14.
    FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE is defined.
    finfo_open is callable.
    finfo_file is callable.
    finfo_close is callable.
    mime_content_type is callable.
    This is a NON-Windows OS: Linux.
    escapeshellarg is callable.
    exec is callable.
    shell_exec doesn’t exist.

    I would be very happy about a solution to the problem.

    Thanks very much


    In the meantime, I found out with an offline test installation that the error is related to the PHP version used. In the live installation, PHP 8.1 is activated by the provider. In my virtual environment I installed PHP 8.0 – and the upload works fine there.

    So my new question is: What can be done to ensure that this great extension can also be used under PHP 8.1, or when will a corresponding update for PHP 8.1 be released?

    Please support/help.

    Thanks very much

    Michael Gilkes

    @Mark68. Thanks for posting.

    OK, based on your description, I believe the issue is not with the PHP version, but rather with the setup of how the article is accessed on your site. Redirecting to the home page when you click upload usually happens when the page with the uploader is not part of the menu system.

    You have to setup a menu item for the page with the uploader. This menu item could be part of the main menu, or even part of a second, hidden, menu that is unrelated to the main menu of your site. What is happening is that when Joomla calls the current Uri function, and the page is not part of the menu system, it will just return the home page Uri reference. So, when you click upload, it goes straight to the homepage instead of page the uploader is on.

    If you have a public site, you can send me the link so that I can take a look, but I suspect that what I have described might fit your situation. To remedy it, all you need to do is create a menu item for the webpage (article) with the uploader.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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