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    From the Demo, this module seems to answer my prayers ! So thanks for making it available. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work (Joomla 3.4.4)and tearing my hair out . . . I suspect my syntax is wrong.

    Module Title is “Easy Folder Listing – Meetings”, Position is “meetings”, Type is “Easy Folder Listing”, for All Menu items, folder is “meetings”.

    In the module folder, the module is called “mod_easyfolderlisting”.

    The “Content – Load Module” plugin is enabled.

    What ‘Style’ should be used to ‘render the Module’ ? (or should I leave this alone ?)

    What should the {loadmodule . . . . . } syntax look like ? I’ve tried many combinations.

    Or should I be using ‘loadposition’ ?

    Your generous assistance appreciated.



    Michael Gilkes

    @docmartin. Thanks for posting. There is no reason to tear your hair out. There is documentation explaining what to do.

    Basically, the important point is to set the module position to an arbitrary position, then use the loadposition shortcode to display the module in the article. Don’t use loadmodule. For example, set the position to “listing_position_1”, then in the article, type, “{loadposition listing_position_1}”

    I am not sure what you mean by “Style”, but you can go to Advanced and change the layout that you prefer.



    hi Michael, Here I have to eat a huge amount of humble pie – all along I had the Menu Assignment set to ALL EXCEPT instead of ALL, by mistake.

    Apologies for wasting your time, and for saving my time by producing such a neat module. Many thanks, Doc


    Michael Gilkes

    @docmartin. Thanks for the follow up. You are in no way wasting my time. If I could help you, or anyone, in any way with my products, it is time well spent. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Writing software and using software is no different. All the best to you. If anything else pops up, please feel free to contact me via this forum or via email. I will be happy to help.



    This works GREAT. However, I am trying to set up two different articles each one with a list from two different folders. The original one I set up works. The second one (duplicated the module and specified ITS directory and “position”) does not. It is a blank page.

    Each module is set to appear on it’s own hidden menu item.

    Can you help?




    Just for the record, I fixed the problem. So, it’s back to working GREAT.

    You might provide a little more comprehensive documentation.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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