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    Michael Gilkes

    Easy Flash Uploader Version: 1.5 or earlier

    To customize the Browse and Cancel All buttons, you have to do two separate things. That’s because the Browse button is determined from a button sprite, and the Cancel All button is determined from CSS in the styles.css file. I have four preset styles and sprites for you to use. They are the following four colors:

    • Blue (buttonSprite_blue.png)
    • Green (buttonSprite_green.png)
    • Red (buttonSprite_red.png)
    • Grey (buttonSprite_grey.png)

    To change the Browse button, all you have to do is go to the images folder and rename the respective file to “buttonSprite.png”. Next, you have to set buttonheight=23 and buttonwidth=100.

    To change the Cancel All button, look for the commented out color scheme section you want, and replace the following declaration blocks as follows:

    • button.cancelAll[type=button] with #normalButton
    • button.cancelAll[type=button]:hover with #hoverButton
    • button.cancelAll[type=button]:active with #clickButton
    • button.cancelAll[disabled], button.cancelAll[disabled]:hover with #disableButton

    Now, you are replacing the declaration block, NOT the selector. See CSS Definitions

    Michael Gilkes

    Easy Flash Uploader Version: 2.0

    Customizing buttons on the newest version of the uploader is easier than ever!

    Go to the NEW Button Sprite Maker (Version 2.0), and design your own custom button.

    Then copy the CSS and paste it in the the relevant css file in the themes folder.

    Save the button sprite PNG file to your computer and upload it to the buttons folder.

    Both of these folders can be found in Joomla root > media > easyflashuploader


    hello michael,

    i was looking for portuguese language package, but it seems there isnt one yet.

    right now my biggest need is to change the text “Cancel All Uploads” to “Cancelar Todos Uploads”

    this is portuguese translation.

    i looked everywhere and could not find where to change it…

    could you give me a hand please


    denis, from Brazil


    i just found it… pranked by the windows search arrghhh… it’s on the plugins/content/easyflashuploader.php

    maybe it would be great to include this on the language file or even on the admin page like the browse button.

    anyway, thanks and if you ever received a full portuguese translation, could you please let me know


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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