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    G’Day, I’m trying to setup this site and I have a file structure for Easy to attach to but when Easy is looking at a location that only has folders in it, it just falls over and won’t expand those folders when anybody clicks on them.

    If I add another easy pro script to the same article I am then able to expand the folders but when I remove that same script so only folders remain it reverts back to not being able to expand them.

    Joomla is currently on version 2.5.5

    Easy is up to date.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Michael Gilkes

    @stenoflacon. Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, I don’t understand what you explain. Please provide a link to the webpage that exhibits the problem. That way I can look at it myself and see what is going on.


    Hi Michael,

    Providing a link isn’t going to help as this is a private intranet site I’m referring to.

    Basically what is happening is, I have a folder structure that Easy is pointing to where we add documents to be uploaded onto our site using WINSCP. This all works perfectly fine.

    However, if I have an article with a link for Easy to point at and the link Easy is pointing to only contains folders, I cannot expand those folders when I click on a particular folder.

    It might be a bit easier to explain if I add screenshots of the site.

    So this first image I have my article which only has folders displayed. If I click on any of the folders nothing happens.

    In this image there are two separate articles displayed, I can click on the PDF files and open them from the first article, I cannot expand the folders in the second article.

    View post on

    In the last picture I have merged the two articles together and I can now expand the folders from the second article.

    From what I have seen, articles that have an Easy link that is only going to folders does not allow the folders to expand but the moment that Easy location also contains a file, I can expand the folders without incident.

    I’d really not want to have to go through every folder Easy points to and add a pdf or word document just so staff can expand the folders.

    Thanks for your prompt response earlier.


    Michael Gilkes

    @stenoflacon. Ok, it is really hard to help you when i can’t experience what is going on. I appreciate your explanation, but I don’t really understand what is actually going on. As long as there are files in those subfolders, clicking the subfolders will expand. I know this not only because I made the plugin, but I use it on my own sites for this purpose, and I just retested it on my local servers.

    I don’t know what you mean by “merged the two articles together and I can now expand the folders from the second article”. You don’t need to have 2 listings in the same article, although you can by using offset parameter in the shortcode.

    As long as the subfolders contain either files or other subfolders, it will expand. If there is nothing in the subfolders, there is nothing to expand, unless you allow the empty message to show. Here is a screenshot of the tests I did.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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