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    I just bought AFL and everythings work great!

    The only things I can’t make it works it’s folder collapsing/expand.

    I use joomla 2.5 installed locally

    PHP Version: 5.2.17.

    This is a NON-Windows OS: WINNT.

    Zip (.zip) Support: Yes

    GZip (.tar.gz) Support: No

    BZip2 (.tar.bz2) Support: No

    Zip Storage Folder is Valid?: Yes

    Zip Storage Folder is Writeable?: Yes

    FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE is NOT defined.

    mime_content_type is callable.

    This is Windows OS: WINNT.

    When I create a “Single table listing” I can view only folders (or subfolders) with some files inside and they are always expanded. I can’t collapse them and also can’t view any empty folders.

    Any good advice?

    Thanks in advance!


    Michael Gilkes

    @stenuo. Thanks for posting. I am happy to help you. I will need to see the webpage with the listing. Could you post the link to it?


    I too am having this same issue. All my folders appear expanded by default and the collapse/expand buttons do not work.

    What ended up being the solution to this problem?

    If you require site access please let me know how I can send you it, my site is private.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Michael Gilkes

    @codeless. Thanks for posting. Usually this type of problem occurs due to javascript errors on the page. The errors normally come as a result of jQuery conflicting with Mootools. That is the reason why I want to see the webpage. When I look at the page, I normally examine the browser console to see what it says.

    The only other error that may happen results from setting “Add UTF-8 Meta Tag” to “Yes”; which should be set to “No”. But this setting applies to Easy Folder Listing Pro and not Advanced Folder Listing.

    If you want me to look at your site, please send me an email to: support[at]valorapps[dot]com


    I am having this same issue also on a new Joomla 3 site that I just completed (site was Joomla 1.7, then 2.5 prior). The page in question is: I have no parameters specified in the article – just using: {easyfolderlistingprofolder=WebFiles/2012/}

    This is the first problem I have had with this product, and I love the Easy Folder Listing Pro plugin. Thanks in advance for your support.


    Clarification – clicking on Expand all opens the entire folder structure. The problem is that a single folder cannot be clicked to display the contents of that folder.


    Here is a page where I am having this problem:

    Michael Gilkes

    @ponydad. Thanks for posting. Ok. I know exactly what your issue is, and I will tell you exactly how to fix it. However, before I do, I really need to explain something…

    When you post on this forum for assistance and you really want me to assist you in an expeditious fashion, you really should explain what you have done, and state what your problem is. For example, I looked at your webpage, and you have several things going on:

    1. First off, you are not using Advanced Folder Listing. You are using Easy Folder Listing Pro. So, your posts are in the wrong section.
    2. You have 2 listings on the same page, or rather, to be more precise… you have two articles, each with its own listing, on the same webpage.
    3. One listing is working as expected, and the other is not.

    At the very list, you should have posted those 3 points I just listed. It really is not helpful to say, “I am having a problem… look here… fix it.” It would be more useful to explain what is happening, and what you did, so that I can deal with it quickly. Because when you don’t it takes longer for me to assist you.

    Ok, with that said, you are having a problem precisely because you are listing two articles in the same page. So, in each article the listing has the same id. I have foreseen this problem, and have defined a hidden property (which is clearly stated in the online documentation, by the way) to deal with exactly this issue. You need to set the “offset” property for each of the listings in each article. You can set the offset to a different integer for each listing. For example,

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks for the reply. I’ve added the “offset” parameter in both articles, and this fixes the issues.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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