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    Michael Gilkes

    @dougevans. Ok, let me see if I can explain a bit better. The idea of the test script is to find out what functions work with your server, and to see what mime types they detect on your system. So, if you plan on uploading only pdfs and word files, then what you do is ftp to your site and place a pdf file, a doc file and a docx file, and the test script file in a folder, and then run the test script. That will tell you exactly what is being detected. Then you will know exactly what mime types to specify in the “Permitted file types” in the Module Manager.

    I hope that clarifies how to best use the test script.

    Michael Gilkes

    @dougevans. I got your email, and checked out your uploader. See my screenshot result.

    Actually, I don’t see a problem at all, Doug.

    You specified that 3 files can be uploaded. I only loaded one file, and as you can see it was successfully uploaded. The reason why you get two “Return Code: 4 No file was uploaded” messages is because you didn’t upload two more files. Do you understand?

    You should find the file “About Stacks.pdf” in the upload folder. That’s the file that I uploaded.


    Hi Michael,

    Yes, that makes perfect sense. It seems this will be very useful.

    Thanks again,




    I must also mention here. I have the same problem. I bought the easy flash uploader to you. and it will not work because the same error message. fileinfo_mime_type is not defined. I’ve read a lot in the forum but I did not understand the solution. can you just help me?

    greetings Frank

    I am German and have this text written with the google translator. my english is not sufficient. So please answer me in simple English. thank you.

    Michael Gilkes

    @frawoer. Thank you for posting. This situation does not relate to Easy Flash Uploader. It relates to Easy File Uploader. If you want me to help you with a specific problem you are having, you will need to open a new topic in the Easy Flash Uploader section of this website. If fileinfo_mime_type is not defined, it does not mean that you have a problem. You will need to post a message explaining your problem, and copy and paste the diagnostic information in the Plugins Manager. Are you having problems detecting the mime type? Posting a link to a screenshot of your problem helps.

    Übersetzt ins Deutsche über Google Translator (Translated to German via Google Translator):

    Vielen Dank für die Buchung. Diese Situation wirkt sich auf Easy Flash Uploader beziehen. Sie bezieht sich auf Easy File Uploader. Wenn Sie mir, Sie mit einem bestimmten Problem Sie haben helfen wollen, müssen Sie ein neues Thema in der Easy Flash Uploader auf dieser Website zu öffnen. Wenn fileinfo_mime_type nicht definiert ist, bedeutet es nicht, dass Sie ein Problem haben. Sie müssen eine Meldung an, Ihr Problem zu posten, und kopieren Sie den Diagnose-Informationen im Plugins-Manager. Haben Sie Probleme beim Erkennen des MIME-Typ? Posting einen Link zu einem Screenshot Ihres Problems hilft.


    I need help as well. I just setup this plugin and I’m seeing the following in the plugin admin page:

    PHP Version: 5.3.10.

    FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE is NOT defined.

    mime_content_type doesn’t exist.

    This is Windows OS: WINNT.

    I’ve tried PHP 5.3.5, 5.3.10 Thread Safe and Non Thread Safe and continue to get this same message. When I attempt an upload, the file appears to upload fine, getting to 100%, but then it displays ‘filetype not recognized’ and it doesn’t complete the upload.

    Any ideas? I can give you site address and upass if needed for testing.

    Thank you!

    Michael Gilkes

    @mjriding. Thanks for posting.

    Have you checked the FAQ? If not, please have a look at the FAQ for this particular problem on Windows:

    For Windows, you have to install the fileinfo dll. If this doesn’t work for you, then you can specify an asterisk in the mime type field and use the file extension types to control the files uploaded.

    As a matter of follow-up, in @frawoer’s case, his server OS was SunOS, so he needed a custom solution.

    Let me know if the FAQ item helped.



    First to say that I’m Spanish and I’m using Google translator. Therefore advance my apologies if my problem is not readable.

    It’s the same that if I need dougevans accept files of type. Rar,. Zip,. Mp3,. Wav,. Wma,. Jpeg,. Png.

    When I put in “File types supported (separated by semicolons)” *, if I accept the files. The problem is I do not want to receive more than the formats I mentioned above.

    I have this text as

    Trying to upload files. Mp3 not let me, I tried different formats and pictures in either. I do not know as much about managing these problems but I get the feeling that the filters do not work as putting “*” if you get my files folder.

    I would appreciate an answer for beginners

    Regards and thanks in advance.


    I can not upload files larger than 8MB so I could check. While in the “Maximum File Size (bytes)” is put “200000000” (190MB) to receive compressed files to that size.

    What happens is that when I try to send a 9MB file is updating the page from which shipping and I get no error and of course I looked to see if he had sent to my server and has not been sent.

    Could you tell me what are these problems?

    Michael Gilkes

    @Enjey. Thanks for posting. However, you need to provide me with some information first. Please provide me with the following:

    1. The name and version of the Joomla extension. For example, Easy Folder Listing Pro version 2.1
    2. Your version of Joomla
    3. Your version of PHP
    4. Copy and Paste the Diagnostic information at the bottom of the Plugin/Module. It will look similar to this screenshot.

    Michael Gilkes

    @Enjey. While you are providing this information, please have a look at my FAQ.

    It has the answers to both of your questions. However, if you need more direct assistance, you will need to provide the information that I requested. I speak some Spanish, so you can email me directly at the support email: support[at]valorapps[dot]com, with both Spanish and English text if you prefer.


    1. Easy File Uploader v. 2.0

    2. Joomla 2.5

    3. PHP: 5.3.8



    If you see it should contact him by e-mail. The truth esque from that I am no expert and language becomes more complex I understand the solution.

    Thanks for the reply so fast that I have been offered.


    Si lo ve conveniente le contacto por e-mail. La verdad esque entre que no soy experto y el idioma se me hace mas complejo entender la solucion.

    Gracias por la respuesta tan rapida que me ha ofrecido.

    PD. Donde estan posibles soluciones (FAQ)?

    Michael Gilkes

    @Enjey. English: Please look at the FAQ item about mime detection and Windows:

    Spanish: Por favor, mire el artículo Preguntas frecuentes sobre la detección de la mímica y Windows.


    Muchas gracias! He conseguido configurarlo gracias a tu ayuda!

    Ahora tengo el siguiente problema, he colocado en tipos de archivos admitidos lo siguiente:



    He colocado application/octet-stream porque con “*” al cargar un archivo “rar” me decia que este es el tipo de archivo. El resto “;application/rar;application/x-rar-compressed;multipart/x-rar;” son pruebas cogiendo como ejemplo los tipo de archivo para “zip”.

    En la lista de las Faq no me aparecia ningun tipo de archivos para “rar”

    ¿Que solucion tengo?



    Thank you very much! I managed to configure thanks to your help!

    Now I have the following problem, I have placed in supported file types as follows:

    I have set application / octet-stream because “*” to upload a file “rar” told me that this is the type of file. The rest “application / pdf, application / x-rar-compressed, multipart / x-zip;” are taking tests as an example for the file type “zip”.

    In the list of Faq appeared to me not any type of file to “rar”

    What solution do I have?


    Michael Gilkes

    #Enjey. You’re welcome. De Nada.


    What you need to do is to find out exactly what you server is detecting for each archive type (zip, rar, etc.). Place one of each type of file in any folder on your server, and place the test_script in it, then run the test_script. After you run the test script, you will see the exact mime type detected for each file. Just use that mime type for the extension.


    Lo que hay que hacer es averiguar exactamente lo que tu servidor está detectando para cada tipo de archivo (ZIP, RAR, etc.) Coloque uno de cada tipo de archivo en cualquier carpeta en su servidor, y coloque el test_script en el, despues, ejecute el test_script. Después de ejecutar el script de prueba, podrás ver el tipo exacto mimo detectado para cada archivo. Sólo tiene que usar ese tipo MIME para la extensión.

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