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    Hi from Germany! We are using Easyfolderlistingpro since nearly two years and everything works fine. Normaly we are showing HTML-, PDF and XLS-files to our clients, the application runs on a Debian-Server (Wheezy), as I told without any problems.

    To use the advanced features of the new version, I then downloaded and installed the version 3.2.2.

    By changing from version 2.8.* to 3.2.* (using Joomla 3.4) its now impossible to open HTML-files in the webbrowser. The code at the address-line seems to be encrypted. PDF works great, the other filetypes are not relevant, because they are not be shown in the Webbrowser.

    Is there any possibility to disable this? Because we have very extensive investigation reports, providing in HTML format is indispensable.

    Safety aspects may be neglected in our case , since we only work in an in-house intranet.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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