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    Hi, I installed easy folder listing and followed your tutorial on how to set it up, but for some reason it’s not showing anything on an article after putting the {loadposition <position name>} into the article code. Am I doing something wrong?

    Here’s a screenshot of creating the module of what I’m trying to get:


    And here’s a screenshot of the article management and adding the tag:


    Michael Gilkes

    @mancsf. Thanks for posting. From looking at your screenshots, the settings seem good. The only think I couldn’t see on the first screenshot was the menu assignment at the bottom. You have to make sure that the menu assignment is either on “on all pages” or on the specific page that you are going to show it on.

    Check out mine:



    Let me know if this was the issue.


    Hey, thanks for the reply!

    Here’s the menu assignment for that module:


    And here’s the menu item that I’m assigning it to:


    So, the item in the menu assignment for that module is the menu item, correct?

    Michael Gilkes

    @maniscsf. Excellent. I think I see your problem. If you look at your second screenshot, you will see that you are assigning the category list “Accounting” instead of the article “Accounting”. Modules are assigned to a page/article. However, what you are selecting is a auto-generated category list.

    To solve your problem, either change the menu assignment to “on all pages” like I did in mine, or change your menu item to the article “Accounting”.

    As an initial test, I would advise you to first change menu assignment to “on all pages” for the module. Don’t worry it won’t show on all pages automatically. It will just show on all pages that have the xpos_4 that you specified. And since you only have xpos_4 in one article, it will only show in one article.

    Hope this helps. Let me know the result.


    Hey, setting it to ‘show on all pages’ works, thanks! I’ll test how it goes with setting it to an article instead of a menu item soon.


    It works! I set it to show on all articles the first time and it worked, then changed it to only show on select menus and it’s still working. Thanks for all the support, you made a terrific module for Joomla.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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