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    Today I purchased this component. Main purpose for it was to give registered visitors easy access to large PR media images.

    I managed to install and configure it so that specified image folders are visible and accessible for downloading to registered users. I’m using it in Explorer mode.

    And now problems:

    – Big issue: Thumbnail image is not thumbnail at all. It’s is actually big image – just scaled down. This makes loading page with 20ish large images very slow – it also wastes bandwith.

    This component should automatically create thumbnails and use em for preview.

    – Modal Type auto-select doesn’t work. It only pops up semi-transparent layer.

    – Modal Type MooTools – works for smaller images only. It also opens weird popup with 100% height. For bigger images, click on preview icon opens save file dialog.

    (I tried both mods with JCE Media plugin enabled and disabled)

    – Modal window should contain Prev and Next arrows, and full filename.

    – I tried to modify code to use “jcepopup noicon” as href class for image previews, but filename masking prevents it to work properly.

    – There is no easy option to enlarge thumbnails. I spent 2 hrs battling with phpfiles and hardcoded css to make it look like I wanted.

    – Thumbnail image is not clickable for previewing. Only file name and magnifier glass icon is clickable. IMHO its logical that thumbnails are clickable as well.

    – There is no (easy) option to have folders with names which contains our special šđčćž characters. ON my XAMPP server on Windows it works, but not when deployed on live linux server. Instead of our special characters I’m seeing questionmark.

    I’m using it in Joomla 3.4.3


    Michael Gilkes

    @Krx. Thanks for taking the time to post your experience. I am sorry that extension doesn’t do all the things you expected it to do. It has provided me with feedback for improvement on later versions. To respond to your comments:

    1. Explorer View Thumbnails: Thanks for your suggestion of auto-making files for preview
    2. Modal Type Auto-Select: This should work, since it uses the built-in Bootstrap modal that comes with Joomla. Most times where it doesn’t work is due to jQuery-based javascript errors on the page. If you posted a webpage for me to review, I would be happy to look at it to investigate why it doesn’t work.
    3. Modal Type MooTools: This should also work without any issue. The size of the images should not matter. I would like to see this in action so I could understand what you are seeing.
    4. Modal Window Arrows and Name: This is a good suggestion. I never really intended to have the extension double as an image gallery, which is why I didn’t think of having this feature. However, I will consider it for a later release.
    5. Modifying code: Although my code is relatively easy for follow, editing the code for this extension won’t be easy unless you know what you are doing, and I don’t provide support for edited code, because I don’t know what changed.
    6. Enlarging Thumbnails: Yeah… it is not an easy task to edit the thumbnail sizes. I will have to try making it more fluid in the future.
    7. Clickable Thumbnails: This is a good suggestion. I will definitely have that as a feature in a later release.
    8. Non-ascii Characters: From my experience, the key to getting non-ascii characters to display correctly is almost entirely dependent on the encoding set in your FTP client when you upload the files to your server. I have struggled over this for years, and I have features in the extension that you can tweak, but 99% of the time, you have to force UTF-8 encoding on the FTP client.

    Thanks again for your excellent feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time to express your suggestions for improvement on the forum.



    I see that this module is upgraded.

    Did you by any chance added some of features marked by numbers in your previous post?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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