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    I just bought the module but can’t make it work.

    running joomla 3.2.2

    with default easy flash uploader settings. (destination images folder)

    I have removed all mime except png to test. Got enough file max upload in php.

    I have no error message front end.

    I can select an image (the system goes directly to png images), the upload starts and always finish in red with the message “1 file uploaded”.

    When I go in the root images folder, no file in it.


    PHP Version: 5.3.27.

    upload_max_filesize value is 12M.

    post_max_size value is 12M.

    memory_limit value is 128M.

    max_execution_time value is 30.

    FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE is NOT defined.

    mime_content_type doesn’t exist.

    This is a NON-Windows OS: Linux.

    escapeshellarg is callable.

    exec is callable.

    shell_exec is callable.


    Michael Gilkes

    Hi Phil. I would like you to enable the debug mode. Add ‘ debug=”true” ‘ to your shortcode. For example, if you have {easyflashuploader destination=’some_folder/wherever’}, then change it to {easyflashuploader destination=’some_folder/wherever’ debug=’true’}

    After you do this, attempt to upload a file, and it will display the debug data to the screen. Copy all of that text, and post it in the next post, or send it to me in an email, for privacy purposes.

    Easy Flash Uploader is a plugin, not a module. What version of the plugin do you have installed?

    Also, it would be good to either provide me with screenshots of what you see when you upload, or give me access to the upload page so that I can attempt it myself.

    Lastly, you should try to get fileinfo_mime_type installed on your php server. This is normally installed by default on PHP 5.3+ servers. Since it is not installed in yours, you will need to install it.


    I also have the same problem at Joomla 3.2.2. The upload appears to progress normally but then the progress bar turns red yet reports ‘1 file uploaded.’ It had worked with an earlier version of Joomla, possibly 3.1.

    Easy Flash Uploader V3.0 reports:

    Here is the debug log from attempting to upload a small pdf file.

    Michael Gilkes

    @gadecker. @philp. Easy Flash Uploader has yet to be updated to be fully compatible to Joomla 3.2. I am in the process of updating other extensions. As this is a pressing issue, I will have to update Easy Flash Uploader sooner, rather than later.

    However, I would like to point out that the product page clearly states the Joomla version requirements.

    @gadecker. I would like to thank you for providing the debugging information. It will be very useful in helping me to fix this issue for Joomla 3.2.x. I will have an update ready between today and Friday (most likely today or tomorrow).



    I found that the message “Fatal error: Call to protected method JApplicationS” appears hidden under the progress bar when upload is done and failed.

    Find below the debug codes.

    Hope this will help to fix and update the plugin to 3.2.2


    Michael Gilkes

    @philp @gadecker. This was fixed with the release of Version 3.1. Thank you both for your feedback and willingness to assist with testing on your servers.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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