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OK… I’ve partially solved my problem!

I created a root folder on my 2nd hard drive, the one that has plenty of space. There are 4 sub-folders within that folder.

In IIS, I created a virtial directory, pointing to the new root folder.

I modified the mod_easyfileuploader.xml file and replaced ‘directory=”images”‘ with ‘directory=”rootfolder”‘. I also changed the default folder entry to one of the sub-folders. I went into the module settings and the default sub-folder was there. Opening the dropdown showed the 3 other folders. So, the upload location seemd to be set!

Now, I go to the article and upload a file, with a successful upload message. It is supposed to go into the default sub-folder within the root folder but instead, a folder is created in “images” with the name of the sub-folder and it contains the uploaded file.

I have restarted IIS via IIS Manager and services… Any idea why it won’t take into account the root folder?