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Michael Gilkes

@theintimatestudio. Thanks for posting. Ok. looks like you were able to get all the information you need and sort out your situation. In your second post you said, “AND IT WORKS NOW!!! THANKS GOD THANKSSSS IMMA CRYYYY”. So, I am assuming that everything is resolved.

However, I am not sure from your last post if you are having an issue. I got your email, but I am not sure what your exact problem is now.

Usually with these types of issues, it is that you need to configure your server to handle the large uploads. Servers are not configured like that by default. So, the plugin is limited by what the server allows. Most people don’t understand that and automatically assume that the plugin doesn’t work for large uploads, but that is simply not the case. If persons want to take on the risk of allowing large uploads on their servers, they should be technically knowledgeable enough to configure their server appropriately.

I will assist in any way I can, but you seem to be on the right track.