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Michael Gilkes

@alfred. Thanks for responding. I am open to constructive criticism, as I would like to have a favorable interaction with others who use my software.

Although I too won’t go into a debate, all I would say about the use of Ads on the support site is that not all of my software is commercial (or paid) software. Some of my software is FREE, and I still offer the same level of support as with the commercial software. Even my commercial titles are offered at a nominal cost. In addition, I don’t offer an expensive subscription service (or service contract), like other developers/companies, that covers ongoing support. I keep it open for anyone to ask for help when they need it, and I avail myself when I can.

In all honesty, I only have one banner at the top, and the use of Infolinks. It is a very minimal setup, and I believe that it is unobtrusive and reasonable.

Lastly, thanks for sharing your experience with keeping software “donationware”. I also experienced that when I started out with the free versions.

All the best,