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Michael Gilkes

@creativeone. Thanks for responding. I think you are going to have to give me more information about what you are trying to do and the errors that you are getting. However, let me see if I can respond to what you have posted so far.

First of all, in the explanation on the website, when I use ‘parameter1’ and ‘parameter2’ in the example, I am not saying to actually type that. ‘parameter1’ and ‘parameter2’ are just place words for the parameter keywords in the Parameter table at the end of the webpage. So, please never actually type the words ‘parameter1’ or ‘parameter2’. They have no meaning. When you do that, the plugin ignores those and use the default settings, which is why it still works.

Secondly, when I give you the example, {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’private/Board’}, I did it based on your original explanation. You have to understand, that Easy Folder Listing Pro expects you to give it a folder path that starts from the joomla root folder. So, for example, if you have a folder called ‘private’ in your images folder, then you would type: {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’images/private/Board’}. If you have a folder ‘private’ in your includes folder, you would type: {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’includes/private/Board’}. If you have a folder called private in your root Joomla folder (that is on the same level as administrator, modules, plugin, logs, includes, images, media, etc…), you would type: {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’private/Board’}. If you specify the wrong folder location, you will definitely get a JFolder error.

If you still have any problems, please have an article with just {easyfolderlistingpro] in it, and send me a link to the page, and I will be able to tell you what to do to get what you need. You have to let me see what is going on, so that I may assist you. You can also make a screenshot and post a link to the screen shot in your next post.

Lastly, I don’t know why you would get a virus warning with the video link. Maybe you have a virus on your computer. I use a Mac, so I don’t get any virus warnings. Also, I created the video on my Mac and uploaded it directly to Megavideo, so it wouldn’t be infected with anything. If you get the warning you can send me an email with the details of the virus and a screenshot of the warning so that I can see what you are referring to.

So, let me know if my explanation above solves your problem. Keep me informed and send me some screenshots or a link to your page if you continue to have problems. All the best.