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Michael Gilkes

@yahwho. Thanks for posting to the support site. Ok. To help you out, you need to give us more information than what you have now. For example, you need to list what you placed in the article. For example, {easyflashuploader destination=’whatever/folder/you/used’|filesize=’4055′}. So, you have to tell us what you wrote. Also, let us know what changes, if any, you made to the original code. Thirdly, it would be very useful to know what type of file you uploader, including the file’s size. Lastly, let us know what settings you specified in the Plugins Manager.

It may seem like I am asking a lot, but in reality this is the bare minimum that someone would need to get an idea of what you are doing, so that we can see what needs to be fixed.

Hope to hear from you soon.