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Michael Gilkes

Hi nielsg,

Thanks for purchasing and using my plugin. Actually, you can use it on the same or multiple pages with different folders. All you have to do is:

{easyfolderlistingpro folder='images/stories/somefolder1'}

{easyfolderlistingpro folder='images/someotherpath'}

"parameter1" is not a valid parameter keyword. It was just used as a vague example. To get a full list of the parameters you can use, please take a look at the Keyword column of the Parameters table at the bottom of the page:

Each and any instance of {easyfolderlistingpro …} can override the default setting in the Plugin manager. This makes the plugin very flexible.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it works out and if you have any questions.


PS. Also, please remember not to copy and paste paramters into the editor, as it will add html tags around the parameters and make them ineffective. You may have to toggle the editor to make sure the text is exactly as typed.