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Michael Gilkes

@jirikrouzek. Thanks for responding. Here are my answers:

1. Thanks for the info.

2. Pre-filtering using jQuery/Javascript could probably be done, but it would involve editing quite a bit of the code. As I said, I didn’t design it that way. You do have the option of exluding folders and files through either the Plugin Manager or through the use of ‘exfolders’ and ‘exfiles’ keywords in the article instance. By the way, have you considered using a different folder structure? For example, instead of having all the ‘??_’ files in one folder. How about you have several top level folders, such as ‘en’, ‘cz’ and ‘de’, and then have the files in each of these folders.

3. This could probably be done with some jQuery/javascript once the page loads. I might be willing to do it, send me an email and we can talk about it a bit more.

4. (Oops. There’s no four.)

5. Once you’ve purchased immediate previous version, you are eligible for a FREE upgrade of the same edition. If you purchased a bundle, you are eligible for a FREE upgrade in one edition of your choice. Just send me an email request: