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Let me explain a bit more because your plug-in is almost exactly what I need.

To get by, at the very least, I would like to be able to upload a file using this plugin but specify what the filename will be when it is uploaded. As it is now, it simply retains the same name it has when it is uploaded. This is very important to my application. If this could be done, my problems are solved.

One additional feature that would help is to be able to include the file upload as part of a form. For example, I have a form where users upload videos along with a title, description, thier name, etc. I original used SWFUpload, whic actually worked, but only after I was completely finished did I realize that SWFUpload totally destroys the cookies within Joomla so my session kept getting lost. Your tool doesn’t appear to have the cookie issue.

Whether or not this plugin can do what I need, I do appreciate the service. You have been very helpful.