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Michael Gilkes

@cheyennemtnman. Thanks for posting. I get the impression that you are asking about Easy File Uploader module. Please clarify which product you are referring to. On both of the product pages for Easy Flash Uploader and Easy File Uploader, there is a known issues section and also the product pages specify the minimum requirements for the use of the extensions.

Your PHP setup is currently at version 5.2.17. The minimum requirements of both of my uploader extensions is version 5.3. This is because MIME type detection is only implemented natively in PHP 5.3. If you have PHP 5.2, there is a workaround to it, and I explain this in the known issues section and have a link to the forum post that guides you on how to do it. You will have to run the test_script.php file and see what works for your server setup, and then edit the files accordingly.

To avoid all of this, I always advise people to upgrade your PHP version to 5.3. It is the easiest fix.