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Hi.  I think it would be a good feature to have the option to filter by Modified or Created date of the files.  I'm deployed to Afghanistan and I let others in my camp connect to my NAS to share and get media – mostly TV shows and movies. I'm also working on a simple Joomla site to provide some local useful information plus to have a friendlier front-end interface to see what media is on the NAS.  

This tool is great because unlike other products like jDownloads and Docman this doesn't use database tables so it's much faster to load since it doesn't have to add entries to or query a database.  Plus, while it's a limitation of PHP to not really play nice with files over 2GB, at least this will show them and link to them, albeit not able to get their file size or creation date, but I'm not worried about that with this requested feature.  The other products don't do that without extra management overhead.

The one advantage those products have is that they have modules to display recently added content to the database.  But I'd be happy with just going by the creation and/or modification date of the files I want to show as recent.  Being able to add that filtered information would be very helpful.