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Michael Gilkes

First, I want you to download the script on this page:

And send me an email with the script’s results.

There may be a work around. There are couple of ways you can get it to work. One

involves what to do with the results of the script. This solution may involve

changing server or PHP settings.

The other way is to specify ‘*’ (an asterisk) in the permitted mime types

parameter (mimetypes), which will allow any file, but you can control file types

by specifying the extension in the file type parameter (filetypes). This comes

at a cost of essentially removing the mime detection security, but the plugin

will work. You are free to do this, but you risk persons uploading malicious

files that could be masked as image files. If you trust the users who have

access to the uploader, then it really isn’t a problem. So, it’s up to you.

So, it would look something like this: