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Michael Gilkes

@toomanylogins. Thanks for your question and interest, Paul. I am in the process of debugging version two of Easy Folder Listing Pro. I should be done with the debugging and will be releasing it early next week (or maybe even today… but I hate to rush things).

Here are most of the new changes/features:

  • Revamped Javascript. Now using Mootools instead of jQuery
  • New options for handling utf-8 characters
  • Table now acts like a folder tree with fully collapsable nested subfolders, just like the unordered list
  • Optimized code structure to run more efficiently
  • Included Language files to handle multi-languages
  • Optimized backslash handling for Windows installations
  • Single installation for ALL supported Joomla versions
  • Improve Date sorting
  • Sort Filenames by Natural Order
  • Media files are now kept in media folder instead of plugins folder
  • Improved download script
  • Cursor changes when hover over subfolder
  • Changed Color picker to MooRainbow
  • Added file preview in Modal pop-up using Google Docs Viewer

I doubt any of these features will change between now and the release date.