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Michael Gilkes

@Zhekka. Thanks for posting. I don’t quite understand what problems you are having with AFL, based on your explanation above. There are 3 menu types: Paginated Table, Unordered List, and Table. Out of those three, Unordered list and Table show subfolders just like EFLP. If subfolders are empty, they will not show. This is the difference between AFL and EFLP. The only way that subfolders do not show with these two menu types is if you set “Show Subfolders” to No. The default value is Yes.

Please let me know if what I said has helped you. If not please clarify what you are having a problem with. Also, it would be useful to provide me with a link and/or screenshots of the webpages and issues you are having. If we cannot resolve this via the forum, you may email me with a temporary admin login and I can login and assist you directly (assuming your site is online and not an intranet).