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Michael Gilkes

@miamer. Thanks for posting. I will answer your questions below:

  1. Is there a way(means) in passing in 20 files in uploader?
    Yes You can alter the mod_easyfileuploader.xml file to include an option for 20 files.
  2. is it possible to duplicate the module to have 2 different choices and display(posting) in 2 different pages?
    Yes. Of course. THis is how modules work in Joomla. You can create as many as you need.
  3. Aprés I nested auimé that we can within the framework of photos, to block(surround) the weight, for example 1920X1920 pixels, is it possible?
    Maybe Yes… Maybe No So you want to filter image files being uploaded by size? Well, it can be done without much effort after the file has been uploaded. You can add code to check the file’s resolution and not save it if it is too large. However, it will be difficult to do prior to uploading. Since you would have to test via javascript, which would take quite a bit of coding… but it is possible.