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Michael Gilkes

@alpinemartin. Ok. First off, let’s not get confused about which extension you are using. You are using the module, Easy Folder Listing. Joomla modules do not display in articles at all. Joomla plugins do. So, since you are new to Joomla this is something you need to understand. Modules, whether it is my modules or anyone elses, are places at a specified position on the page, which is not inside of an article.

However, Joomla 1.6 or 1.5, comes with a content plugin called “Load Modules”, which allows you to load a module at a specific position into the contents of any article simply by specifying {loadposition someposition}.

The “Load Modules” plugin comes with Joomla. So, I don’t understand why you don’t see it. It’s part of the Joomla installation. It is not something I made.

The problem you are having has nothing to do with my module. As you have said, the module shows if you assign it to an existing position. This is how modules are supposed to work in Joomla. To solve your problem you need to enable the Load Modules plugin. Once you do that, {loadposition someposition} will work.