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@michael. Thanks for taking the time to read my questions and for your reply, but it unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem of displaying the table according to your instructions. Your plugin doesn’t “behave that way” on my system.

1. I have gone to the Plugin Manager and looked for “Content – Load Modules” plugin. It isn’t visible in the list (I checked the 2 pages and did a search within the list of Plug-in Manager for both “content” and “load module”). However, when going to Extensions, Manage I can see “Easy Folder Listing” in the list and it is enabled. I have then followed your instructions to go to the Module mod_easyfolderlisting, to set its position to an arbitrary one and to set its parameters. When I do this and include the call {loadposition arbitraryposition} in the article where it should be shown, only the text “{loadposition arbitraryposition}” shows up in the article, not the table.

2. However, if I do not use an arbitrary position, but rather use user2, then both the directory listing and the text {loadposition user2} show up in the article. Hence, I deduce that the text {loadposition user2} is not interpreted as a call, but as simple text string. The reason the module works in my case must be that the Module is published and specified for the article in question and therefore shows up regardless of which text I put in the article.

I would very much appreciate your thoughts and hints as to why it doesn’t work as you describe on my system and suggestions for what to do, so that I can use it with your suggested syntax. I am running joomla 1.6.3 and have uninstalled and reinstalled your plugin. Uninstall as well as Reinstall is successful.

3. Thanks for the explanation regarding the functionality of showing subfolders only being availabe in the pro version.

Best regards, Martin