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Michael Gilkes

@realtoast. Sorry for taking so long to respond to your question. (By the way… I thought you were an expert at my plugins by now… lol)

The example that I give in my explanation using parameter1 and parameter2 is just as example. ‘parameter1’ and ‘parameter2’ are not valid keywords. The Parameter table on my blog site give a list of all the possible valid keywords, with descriptions, default values, and names. In your example, it seems like you want to have two different listings on the same page. Assuming, for example, in your joomla root folder you have a folder called medical_documents, and in it you have 2 folders, one called ‘english’ and anther called ‘spanish’, you can display them easily by the following:

{easyfolderlistingpro folder=’medical_documents/english’}

{easyfolderlistingpro folder=’medical_documents/spanish’}

There are a bunch of other parameter keywords that can be used here, as well. Please have a look at them here:

For example, if you wanted to show the file extensions for the english documents only and change the transition of the spanish documents only, then you would have this:

{easyfolderlistingpro folder=’medical_documents/english’| extensions=1}

{easyfolderlistingpro folder=’medical_documents/spanish’|transition=’fade’}

Hope this helps.