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Michael Gilkes

@db. You didn’t come off as rude at all. I was just surprised that you missed it. I hope I didn’t come off as upset or anything like that. I’m cool with you asking for help. I want persons to enjoy using my software.

Actually, I am guilty of missing stuff too, because when I read your post, I didn’t even realize that you were talking about the Easy Folder Listing Pro. We’ve both spent way too long in front the computer today. 🙂

For the record, could you share what you did to solve your problem with the Easy Folder Listing Pro? It would be good to help others who may encounter the same problem.

As for the flash uploader, I think I can easily fix your problem. However, I want you to run test_script3 on your server, and copy and past the results in a post to me. Or, if you want more privacy, just send the result to my email.