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Michael Gilkes

@Germansailor. Thanks for posting. I am actually aware of this issue as of a few weeks ago. One of the issues that I notice during my investigation is that the servers that give this issue will give an error when you copy the exact link directly and place it in the address bar. When you try to do this, the server gives an error. I *believe* this has to do with some server configuration of how the web server itself handles the utf-8 filenames. However, as I am not an expert web server admin, I cannot say definitively.

Please know that I am working on it, and if anyone can help with the troubleshooting aspect of it, I welcome your input. The problem for me is that the code works as expected on my servers, even when I use the files that my customers send to me. So, it is difficult for me to ascertain the exact problem when I have not been able to replicate the same environment in which the problem is seen.