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Michael, I have a couple of updates from the author of that post I linked to in my last post. I hope these bits of info help!

I ended up using the google docs API v3 with oAuth for the organization so that I could request the list of documents and then show it in my webpage. So, in short I was not able to get the iframe working. Also, I mostly hacked together the code that would show the list of google docs and so I’d suggest reading over the api v3 documentation rather than me providing you with an example. The key really is using the latest (v3) example as v1 and v2, which has a lot of existing documentation and examples out are fairly outdated and funky.

…and as a follow-up to my thanks and request for that code, he answered:

Haha, no I bastardized their API by making direct CURL requests and processing the resulting data myself, if you’re going to spend time working on something it shouldn’t be my code. Also it has the auth stuff hard coded in

docs list api v3

gdata downloads:

python client (has some working examples you can use almost immediately)

oauth playground:

good luck!

So we’re WAY WAY outta my league now… over to you, Michael.