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Michael Gilkes

Hi Ivo,

Thanks for purchasing and using my plugin. I have seen this issue before. It is because of Joomla’s use of the “DS” which is an alias for PHP’s “<span class=”term”><b>DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR</b></span>“. I use the Joomla functions JFolder::folders and JFolder::listFolderTree, and both of these use DS to separate folders and subfolders. Normally, DS translates to ‘/’. So in most cases, this would render your path to “/joomla16/images/banners/white.png”. From what I can find on online, DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR is defined as:

So, that means that for Windows based installations, your path would be rendered as “/joomla16/imagesbanners/white.png”.

Once you publish your site on a Unix-based (Linux,UNIX, Mac) web server, everything should link perfectly.

Now, if you use a Windows hosting, I cannot change the Joomla functions, but you can open up easyfolderlistingpro.php file and search for DS and change the only 2 instances of DS to ‘/’. This should help for most of your links, while you are testing on your local Windows machine.