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Michael Gilkes

@csmwebdesign. Ok, there are a couple of things giong on here:

  1. You still have the conversion of / (actual forward slash) to '%5C', which is the URL HEX code for backslash. See:
  2. With the informaton you present in your posts, I am not seeing what you mean about the subfolders being prepended with a backslash.

If your site is online, I would like to be able to access the page with the listing. I need to see it for myself, to examine it fully enough to solve the issue. The conversion of the slashes to the URL HEX code is a major key to the puzzle. Did you toggle the editor like I asked you to? The editor in Joomla's article backend has been notorious in the past for converting characters to HEX and messing up plugin parameters. I need you to check this.