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Michael Gilkes

@Go. The Filter search feature was designed to be a very simple filter that would quickly reveal files that are hidden within a directory structure.

I understand what you are saying about files with the same names but that are in different subfolders. To be honest, from a user experience point of view, the burden of distinguishing files should not be on the tool/plugin, but rather on the file itself. I am an advocate of descriptive filenames or at least, filenames that are easily distinguishable. For example, persons often think that it is ok to have different files with the same name “Data.pdf” (for example), and just have them in different subfolders. However, to me this leads to a poor user experience and can lead to confusion of a user trying to access the correct file. File names should be more descriptive, so that they are easily distinguishable.

Another way in which different files with the same filename can cause a problem is if I were to enable to Multi-File download feature. Suppose persons wanted to download both data files, it is not possible to put 2 files of the same name in a zip file. It would involve some programmatic alteration of their names or relative folder location in the zip, which may confuse the user once they unzip the files.

However, on a more technical note, the filter uses the Mootools test function, which takes a string text as well as a regular expression. So you are free to use regular expressions to search for the text you want.