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Michael Gilkes

@snowtech. Thanks for purchasing my plugin and for posting with your situation.

Ok, there are a number of reasons why this could be happening. It all depends on your settings. Where are the files located? What location are you specifying in the settings? Also, what are you specifying in the file types and permitted mime types? What are you typing in your article to make the plugin show?

In all honesty, you would need to provide more information as to what you did, so that I can advise you on what the problem may be and how you can solve it. It could also be something as simple as the permissions of the plugin vs the permissions of the article. Or it could be how your WYSIWYG editor parses the text in the article.

Please let me know more about what settings you have set so that I can assist you. You can always email me with any details that you think are too private to state here. However, most details, such as what you specify in the Plugins Manager, and in the article shouldn’t be a problem to list.