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Michael Gilkes

@Asse. Thanks for updating the link. I had a look at the page, and the problem you have is interesting. The reason the browse button isn’t showing is because of a javascript error on the page. The reason why you have a javascript error is because you have selected the wrong option for “Mootools Compatibility” in Easy Folder Listing Pro. if you are using Joomla 2.5, you should set this to either “Automatically Detect” or “Mootools Core 1.3.2 and More”. You seem to have it set to “Mootools Core 1.2.4 and More”. This will cause a problem because you actually have Mootools 1.4+ on your site.

Please fix this setting in Easy Folder Listing Pro, and it should fix the Browse button for Easy Flash Uploader. Let me know how it works out.