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Michael Gilkes

@dudemire. Wow! I am shocked, but I have a theory. I opened your site in several browsers: Safari, Firefox and Opera (so far). Interestingly, in Opera I see the same thing happening in this version as in the previous version. I see it start to expand the subfolder then it immediately collapses. My theory is that there is some javascript on our page that is hijacking the click events on table rows (tr elements) and causing them to be fired twice! It doesn’t matter whether my code is using jQuery or Mootools, it is still javascript.

Whatever is causing the problem could either be loaded by another plugin, a module, a component , or even some javascript from your template. It is definitely not something in my plugin’s code. The javascript code in 2.0 was completely refactored in Mootools. Also, base on the fact that the click events on the “Collapse All/Expand All” are not hijacked, I can only infer that it is click events made on a tr element that are hijacked. Also, the filter works perfectly.

Let me know if my explanation helps you in pinpointing the cause.